tanaka macoto exhibition “Tada no Kamisama”

tanaka macoto exhibition “Tada no Kamisama”

Spiral Paper First Issue Art Work  Photo : Saori Tao


tanaka macoto is a kiri-e artist (kiri-e = the Japanese art of paper-cutting) . Her unique style associates the meaning of the images and the words she extracts from receipts and books with the shapes she cuts out and turn them into. Recently, she has been working at the MV of Naoto Inti Raymi’s song “shiori” (2018). She has also been working, on commercials, such ad the Special Movie for the 10 years of Shiseido make-up brand “MAJOLICA MAJORCA” (2013).

In 2019, her work “Tada no Kamisama” was awarded with the Grand Prize at the 20th Spiral Creators Independent Festival. Selected from 150 exhibitors, she has won a solo show at Showcase (Spiral 1F), that took place in January 2020.

For Spiral Paper no.152, the 35th Anniversary Issue, she has been working on the first issue of Spiral Paper, published 35 years ago. The portrait of Boss Mac of the underworld from the musical “Mac the Knife” that was used to advertise the performance on Spiral Paper first issue was transformed, under the hands of tanaka macoto,  into a cheerful uncle.

From April 13th at 11:00, at Spiral Online Store, her works “Tada no Kamisama”  are digitally exhibited and put on sale (in Japanese only, delivery only in Japan ).  We hope you enjoy!


 Spiral Paper Making Off



Tada no Kamisama

For this series of works tanaka macoto has used as medium, the receipts of her daily purchases cutting them out in the shape of Gods associated with the meaning of the words, name of products and brands she intentionally left on the receipt. This work was born from the humorous idea of purifying the receiptsby giving them the form of a God. In this exhibition, 44 unique mandalas of gods, including new works, are exhibited.


Items on sale at Spiral Online Store (from 2020.4.13)





tanaka macoto
Born in 1982. Graduated from the department of Imaging Art (Tokyo Polytechnic University) in 2006.
Prizes : Grand Prize at the 20th Spiral Creators Independent Festival, and the Shiosaito Prize at Shiodome Expo 2010. Solo exhibitions : “Kirihirahiraku” (Cutting and Fluttering Open), Showcase (Spiral 1F), Tokyo, 2020; “henshin”, Sunshine Observatory SKY CIRCUS, Tokyo, 2018. Other works : MV of Naoto Inti Raymi’s song “shiori” (2018), Special Movie for the 10 years of Shiseido make-up brand “MAJOLICA MAJORCA” (2013) and other commercials.


Date : 15 (Mon) – 28 (Sun), June, 2020 11:00 – 19:00
Venue : MINA-TO(Spiral 1F)
Contact information : 03-3498-4015(MINA-TO)

Instagram AR Effect Project

Get Instagram Art Works AR Effect! vol.1 tanaka macoto

In 2020, Spiral gives you even more opportunities to enjoy the experience of art closer to you, by producing, in collaboration with artists, Instagram AR effects that can be use any time.
Launched in March 2020, the first collaboration is with the kiri-e artist tanaka macoto.  Enjoy the magic of AR that would make any face look happy, together with the delicate expressions of paper-cutting.

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Spiral Paper no.152

Spiral Paper is Spiral PR’s magazine, published seasonally. This issue, is part of 4 issues, from November 2019 to autumn 2020, celebrating the 35th anniversary of the founding of Spiral.  This issue (No.152) is the second of this anniversary series on the theme of “Spiral as an incubator of talent”  and highlight Spiral festival “SICF”, an art festival with the purpose of discovering, nurturing and supporting young artists. A contribution by Fumio Nanjo (special adviser to the Mori Art Museum) is part of this issue. The artwork on the poster is designed by SICF20 Grand Prize winner artist tanaka macoto.


(Left)Front Page (Right)Poster : tanaka macoto, Spiral Paper First Issue Art Work, Photo : Saori Tao